Paris Transports

Planning a trip to Paris ? If you need any informations for your trip as the different way to go to Paris, or to move on site, here are some tips to enjoy the most romantic city in the world. Thanks to these tips, you’ll can quietly enjoy your stay.

Geography of Paris

The French Capital has over two million citizens, part of which lives in one of the 20 districts. The city is bisected by the River Seine, on which there are many beautiful bridges. To move across the city, the Parisians use one of 14 subway lines, one of the 347 bus or tramway lines, or one of the 5 commuter trains. So, you can move easily with public transports. You can also use one of the many taxis in Paris. For a scenic ride, you can take a decker bus.

How get to Paris

From France, you have the choice between a train to Paris or a plane to Paris. There are two international airports : Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly respectively in the north and in the south of the city. From the airports, there are many shuttles or taxis to the center. There are also several railway stations serving different French countries as the best known : Gare du Nord or Gare de Lyon.

How to move into Paris

As we said above, move into Paris is not complicated, thanks to the many public transports. The river Seine allows to move by boat : for example, it’s advised to get on a french « Bateau Mouche » which is open excursion boat with a view of the city, along the river Seine, where both left and right bank are visible. These boats are popular tourist attractions in Paris, and some of them act as restaurants with an exceptional view of the Eiffel Tower for example.

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