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février 14, 2014 / English guide

Planning a trip to Paris ? If you need any informations for your trip as the different way to go to Paris, or to move on site, here are some tips to enjoy the most romantic city in the world. Thanks to these tips, you’ll can quietly enjoy your stay. Lire le post Paris Transports

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janvier 28, 2014 / English guide

Arc de Triomphe ParisOne of the unique aspects of Paris is the fact that it is considered by many to be a veritable « laboratory » that has been used to test the concepts of various architects. Therefore, it is truly one of the most eclectic cities in the world for those who appreciate the mix of art and design. So, it only proves wise to take a brief look at some of the most stunning examples of this concept. Lire le post A Brief Look at the Stunning Architecture of Paris

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janvier 24, 2014 / English guide

Red-BusesIn ordering a one- or two-day pass, you’ll be whisked around Paris, with the option to hop-on or hop-off wherever you like and without limits, providing you plenty of flexibility in your itinerary. Buses frequent each stop around every 5 – 15 minutes, so if you choose to hop-off along the route, you won’t be waiting long to continue on your way. Lire le post Red bus

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